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The ancient art of fermentation

For thousands of years, our ancestors have fermented foods. Every culture knew that it was a great way to preserve foods and that it made them healthier. Over time, this became a sacred tradition in preparing foods.  Today, it’s harder and harder to find traditionally fermented foods. So we’re doing our best to reintroduce this amazing process back into the American diet.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Jacob’s Raw uses only the best organic ingredients from local organic farms, and Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative whenever possible. When things get a little bit colder up here in the north east we rely on the top organic veggie distributors like Albert’s Organics and Four Seasons.

  • Albert’s Organics

    Albert’s is the nation’s leading distributor of quality organically grown fresh produce.
Today, they connect top growers and food artisans to stores around the country.

  • Lancaster Farm Fresh

    Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is an organic farmers cooperative of 75 farmers in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. They focus on creating healthy high quality foods from their small scale family farms.

  • Selina Naturally

    We use only Celtic Sea Salt from Selina Naturally – so it’s full of the entire range of natural minerals found in this tremendous ingredient.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs

    We’re proud to source our dry roots, herbs and spices from one of the world’s purest and most eco-conscious purveyors, Mountain Rose Herbs.

  • Four Seasons

    Four Seasons provides an extensive selection of high quality, fresh organic fruits and vegetables to Co-ops, Natural Foods stores, Independent retail groups and Organic Restaurants.