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Sweet Onion Basil Dressings


Smoky Savory Awesomeness!

This super-tasty fan favorite dressing is easily our best seller. It’s not shy – this very tasty dressing goes a long way in salads, as a marinade, or in sour cream to flavor dips . Enjoy some of the world’s only raw, traditionally fermented salad dressings!


This product is currently not available for online sales.

  • Sweet Onions*
  • Well Water
  • Turnips*
  • Fresh Basil*
  • Garlic*
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Black Pepper*
  • Hand-Batched Live Active Culture*

*Organic ingredients

  • Our dressings have NO OILS OR SUGARS – So they’re about as healthy as you can get.
  • We made them as stand-alone dressings, BUT… They also go great with a great Extra Virgin Olive Oil, such as you probably have hanging around your house. We don’t add any BECAUSE we want you to have the choice of adding or not.
  • This extremely versatile dressing makes an awesome dip addition, and is a magnificent marinade as well!
  • Available in most Wegman’s, Kimberton Whole Foods, Fairway’s, and many natural food stores in the East Coast.
  • They’re not available on-line yet, but they should be soon. Keep checking back!
  • Please keep refrigerated!
  • They’re good through the date on the cap, open or not!