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Immuni Root Shot Tonics


Immune System Boost and Energy Balance

Outside of the fact that so much of your immune strength lies in your gut (one huge reason why probiotics are so good for you, herbal roots like burdock and dandelion and adaptogenic roots like astragalus, ashwaganda and ginseng have long been respected as immune system boosters. These and some other great roots we’ve mixed together are great for immune sytem boosting AND balancing your energy – which is so important in today’s crazy world. And like all our tonics, they’re full of naturally occurring probiotics and NO sugars.

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  • Well water
  • Beet*
  • Carrot*
  • Sarsaparilla*
  • Turmeric*
  • Ginger*
  • Burdock root*
  • Kudzu root*
  • Astragalus root*
  • Shatavari root*
  • Wild harvested suma root
  • Dandelion root*
  • White ginseng*
  • Ashwaganda root
  • Rhodiola root*
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Hand-batched live active culture*

*Organic ingredients

  • Please refrigerate upon arrival! It’s cold when it leaves here but may be a bit warm when you get it. It’s fine – but they do prefer a chilly environment!
  • They’re good through the date on the cap, open or not!
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