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Carolina Krauts


Combining Deliciously Tart Southern BBQ-Style Slaw with Fermented Awesomeness

Over the years, we have fallen in love with the tart, celery-seed heavy taste of the coleslaw we get at the best BBQ joints we have found. So, we figured we could hit that delicious flavor through the art of traditional fermentation, and we were correct. This tart coleslaw is delicious, raw, probiotic, and will invoke the images of summer BBQ’s with friends and family – even if it’s in the dead of winter. Enjoy!

Price per jar/bottle - $8

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  • Cabbage*
  • Carrots*
  • Red Bell Pepper*
  • Green Bell Pepper*
  • Celery Seed*
  • Celtic sea salt

*Organic ingredients

  • We suggest a tablespoon or two a day, every day, of any one of our raw, probiotic, traditionally fermented sauerkrauts. DAILY is key for great gut health.
  • They’re a food, and they taste great. We especially love them on eggs, in salads, as a condiment on sandwiches, hot dogs, sausages, etc. But one thing – DON’T COOK THEM!!! You’ll kill all the good stuff inside. The slaw especially goes great with pulled pork or BBQ chicken, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • ONE THING IT’S NOT – It’s not the sweet creamy coleslaw we’re used to here in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Nothing against that specific recipe, but we wanted to set your expectations. It’s still awesome!
  • They’re also awesome as a side dish alongside any meal. Like we mentioned, they taste great
  • Please refrigerate upon arrival! It’s cold when it leaves here but may be a bit warm when you get it. It’s fine – but they do prefer a chilly environment!
  • They’re good through the date on the cap, open or not!
  • Shipping is free to PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, OH, KY, IN, MI, NC, SC