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Beet Ginger Tonics


Circulation and Liver Health

Beets are a perfect source of naturally occurring nitrates, which are great for your cardiovascular system through vasodilation. Not only that, beets have long been respected as a great source of nutrition for our liver and our blood. With all these awesome qualities, we packed in as much beet goodness as possible – and like all our tonics, they’re full of naturally occurring probiotics and NO sugars.


Price per jar/bottle - $6

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  • Beets*
  • Well water
  • Ginger*
  • Celtic sea salt
  • Hand-batched live active culture*

*Organic ingredients

  • We drink 4 oz. at a time, but even 2 ounces is a great probiotic and nutrient boost!
  • Like all our tonics, we suggest mixing them in with water, sparkling water, a smoothie or even a juice. They also can take the place of raw apple cider vinegar if you’re into that. That being said, if you like beets, drink this one straight. You’ll love it.
  • Our favorite method for this one is drinking 4 oz of Beet Ginger Tonic straight. Scott and Cathy religiously drink it 2 hours before every workout for its cardiovascular effects.
  • Also available as part of our Two Week Cleanse or in a mixed 6-pack case
  • Please refrigerate upon arrival! It’s cold when it leaves here but may be a bit warm when you get it. It’s fine – but they do prefer a chilly environment!
  • They’re good through the date on the cap, open or not!
  • Shipping is free to PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, OH, KY, IN, MI, NC, SC