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Staying strong and healthy isn’t a one-time fad:

Meet our Everyday Wellness Tonic Program

Juice cleansing and fasting programs are a way of trying to reset the body after a lifetime of abuse, whether consciously or just from living in a world full of processed foods full of chemicals, stress, and anti-nutrients. We get that. But we don’t agree that’s it’s the best (or most enjoyable) way to sustainably live a healthy life.

It’s about sustainability – and that means an everyday plan. It’s about increasing the good stuff (nutrients and such) and decreasing the bad stuff (denatured, empty carbohydrates) – all in a way that you can fit into your already busy daily life. That’s where Jacob’s Raw Cultured Tonics come in as part of a whole food, high nutrient lifestyle. Taken daily, our artisanally made, traditionally fermented tonics are some of the healthiest things you can eat or drink!

Two Week 6-Pack Program

Want the full range of our raw, organic nutrients and probiotics on a regular basis? We know you do – so we made our 2 week 6-pack program so you could have a healthy, balanced, affordable, and most importantly sustainable everyday health boost. Our 6-pack includes:

Why Try Our Tonics?

They’re Truly Raw: So that you get every drop of the nutrients of our thoughtfully designed, completely whole/farm fresh, organic vegetables.
They’re Probiotic: We ferment our awesome vegetable mixes like people have done throughout the world for millennia. This traditional and time-honored way of preservation keeps everything raw, and since we don’t pasteurize anything, the probiotics that do the fermenting are still there for YOUR benefit.
They’re Super Low Sugar: Most juice cleanses (and juices) are chock full of sugar, quite often to the tune of 40 grams per bottle. Natural or no, that’s a lot for your body to deal with, especially if you’re not eating. Our tonics are different – the fermentation turns the naturally occurring sugars into lactic acid, which is what preserves everything, leaving almost no sugar behind. Win-win for everyone!
They’re Nutritionally Dense: No, they don’t taste sweet. They taste like what they’re made of, which is nothing but raw, organic, often local vegetables. No fillers, no flavorings, no sweeteners at all. Just the good stuff.