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Our Story

A Family that ferments together stays together

Scott started the fermentation craze at the Grzybek household. Scott’s kind of always been a health foodist, loved the idea behind fermentation, and besides, he had a bunch of vegetables to preserve. Cathy came along with it shortly after Scott. She thought it was kind of risky at first to let something fresh sit for a few weeks at room temperature and then eat it, but it was SO good.

Jacob, though, took to it immediately. He didn’t have much choice as a baby, but it appeared that he had the good taste of his parents, and by the age of three, was helping his dad make “Wowerkraut” (his word!) at home. Now that he’s 8, he still eats some kraut at pretty much every meal, drinks dad’s Zukay Kvass as his sports drink for wrestling, and, pretty much, lives the life.

"Jacob asked us one day, "Why don't we sell our kraut? It's so awesome!" And then he went into the health benefits of fermented foods, pretty much like we trained him."

We’ve been selling Zukay Kvass for quite some time, while the whole time Jacob and Scott were making their own krauts and other tasty ferments. So Jacob asked us one day, “Why don’t we sell our kraut? It’s so awesome!” And then he went into the health benefits of fermented foods, pretty much like we trained him. And you know, he was right. We had all kinds of fermented awesomeness to share with the world, and we weren’t. So we launched Jacob’s Raw, named in Jacob’s honor as he figured the whole great thing out in the first place. Kids rock!

Noah also loves Jacob’s ferments as well, and wants you to know he supports his brother in all he does. He’d also like his own line of products. We’re working on it, buddy!

What We Believe In

  • Organic ingredients

    If you’re making some of the world’s healthiest foods by using an ancient, proven artisanal preservation technique, why would you use anything that’s not organic if you can at all help it? Organic vegetables have more nutrients, fewer (hopefully no) chemicals, aren’t GMO, and make the environment better for the farm workers, surrounding communities, and you. That right there is enough of a reason.

  • Raw veggie Nutrition

    Quite often, the brutal preservation techniques of today’s food industry eliminate many of the nutrients of the original plants. Lactic acid fermentation, however, not only keeps all the nutrients intact, but it’s been shown to increase the amount of Vitamin C and digestive enzymes present. We’re not strict raw foodists here, but nutrients are obviously key to a healthy diet – and are why you eat lots of vegetables in the first place!

  • Natural Fermentation

    Fermentation is the key to it all. Lactobacilli eat the naturally occurring starches and sugars in the raw, organic veggies and turn them into lactic acid, preserving everything perfectly, in a pristine raw state. It also makes everything probiotic, as we never heat the foods and the lactobacilli are still happily asleep in the cold, waiting to help you out. People figured this stuff out thousands of years ago and have been doing it ever since. Plus, properly fermented vegetables taste AWESOME. Fermentation rules!